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New Jersey Medicare

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New Jersey Medicare PlansHow to compare costs and request an insurance quote.

There are four different types of Medicare coverage: Original Medicare (Parts A and B), Supplemental or Medigap Insurance, Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D).  Here is an overview of New Jersey Medicare Plans available to seniors in your area:

Medicare supplemental insurance plans also known as Medigap is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill the "gaps" in Part A and Part B coverage. It also helps to cover co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles. Depending on when you enroll, you may be able to choose 10 to 12 different standardized Medicare Supplement policies (Plans A through N). There are many different health insurance companies who are authorized to sell these types of plans. Go here for more info: Supplemental Insurance Plans in New Jersey

You can also enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans also known as Medicare Part C. Part C offers health coverage by private companies that are approved by Medicare. Health plan options include: Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Health Management Organizations (HMO), and Private Fee-for-Service. Medicare Part C still provides beneficiaries with services covered by both Part A and Part B. To find plans in your area go here: Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey

Medicare Part D is a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan offered by insurers and private companies to seniors who are eligible for Original Medicare. One of the goals of Part D coverage is to provide beneficiaries with lower prescription drug costs. The medications covered by each plan may vary as well. Part D may be added to the Original Medicare Plan (Part A and Part B). Most Medicare Advantage Plans already have Part D coverage. If not, Part D may be added to Part C coverage.  Review your prescription drug coverage options here: Medicare Part D Plans in New Jersey.

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