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Accurate Health Insurance Claim-Filing

Part 1: The Basic Tools, Chapter 3: Developing a Systematic Approach to Dealing with Health Insurance Page 8

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Whichever method you use to fill out your claim forms, it's essential to make certain that all of the information is accurate and is written or typed clearly. Since rules vary, it's important to check with your insurance company to determine its policy on accepting computer-generated, photocopied, or universal claim forms before purchasing a computer program or uni versal claim forms, or before photocopying insurance company claim forms.

Another way to make claim-filing easier is to fill out only part of the claim form. In addition to asking for basic information -- your name, address, insurance identification number -- health insurance claim forms also generally include a section that requests information about the medical provider, the date of treatment, the nature of the illness, the diagnosis, and the amount of the bill. However, you may not need to fill out that section of the claim form if you are attaching the medical bill, since the bill itself generally contains all the required information.

If your insurer accepts medical bills in place of fully com pleted claim forms-as many insurers will-you need to fill out only the basic information on the form. Write "See Attached Bill' in the section of the form that requests information about the doctor, the date of treatment, and the diagnosis, and attach a copy of the medical bill to the claim form.

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