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Establishing An Efficient Claim-Filing System

Part 1: The Basic Tools, Chapter 3: Developing a Systematic Approach to Dealing with Health Insurance Page 7

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Setting up an efficient claim-filing system may save you a great deal of time and effort in the long run. For example, many people fill out a new claim form by hand each time they file a health insurance claim. Thats time-consuming and is often unnecessary. My experience is that many insurers will accept claim forms that are computer-generated or photo copied as long as the signature on the form is original.

If your insurer accepts photocopies of their claim forms, you need to fill out the basic information -- name, address, and so on -- only once. After that, you can photocopy the completed form, and you can run off as many copies as you wish. That way, all you have to do is sign the form and send it in with your claims. If you have a computer and your insurer accepts computer-generated forms, you can make use of programs that will print a health insurance claim form directly from the computer using a database that automatically fills in the basic information.

If you have both a primary and a secondary insurer, you may be able to save additional time by using a universal claim form. That may allow you to file claims with a single form, in stead of filling out different types of forms for each insurer. Although private insurance companies are not required to accept universal claim forms, many private insurance com panies do so at this point. Universal claim forms can generally be obtained from a business products supply company.

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