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The Health Insurance Online "Inspiration Award"

The “Inspiration Award” is given to people who demonstrate that recovery is possible. People with stories that inspire and instill hope in all of us. If you are visiting this page because you clicked on an Inspiration Award, you should know that each award represents a story, and each story represents a person who has overcome great obstacles and won the battle.

The story of our award starts with our research team which is responsible for scouring the Web for information that is useful and valuable to our readers. We typically look for health insurance information, resources regarding coverage, and articles touching on healthcare reform. One day, we found an incredible story about a woman who recovered from a very serious illness. The story inspired our team and changed our perspective. Health insurance is a topic people research and acquire for protection in case they are sick or injured. Most people are healthy when they look for it. But this story opened our eyes to the other side of the coin. Those who have experienced sickness, been greatly challenged, and overcome incredible obstacles. Unfortunately, too many of these stories involve challenges with health insurance and coverage – or the lack thereof. We felt somewhat overwhelmed. How could we help? What could we do? Our idea was to recognize people so that others learn that recovery is possible.

If you know someone who has an inspiring story of recovery please send us an email @ Tell us where we can read the recovery story online and why you think the person deserves an award. Thanks for your help.

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