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What Do You Mean It's Not Covered: Deductibles, Copayments and Other Mechanical Issues

DEDUCTIBLE, COPAYMENT, PAYMENT AND ACCUMULATION PERIOD -- You pay the deductible, the copayment and the incurred charges not covered by this policy as insured expenses. We pay the insured expenses incurred after the deductible and less the copayment. The schedule of our payment and your copayment for the payment period is shown on page EI2,5. Our payment and your copayment vary with each portion of insured expenses. The deductibles of this policy that apply to injury and sickness are shown on page EI2,5. When more than one insured person is involved in the same accident, only one deductible will be applied to their combined insured expenses. Only charges which qualify as insured expenses can be used to satisfy the deductible. You must satisfy the deductible within the accumulation period shown on page EI2,5. We begin making payments under this policy after you have satisfied the deductible.

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