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Taking Care of Mom and Dad: Managing Pain

One of the largest jobs of hospice care is managing pain. Tending to a patient in a great deal of pain can be hard to see and deal with. If, for example, your dad is dying of terminal cancer and you have to help manage his bouts of intermittent pain, it can be hard to witness and manage effectively for the simple fact that he's your father.

Hospice believes that emotional and spiritual pain are just as real and in need of attention as physical pain, so it can address each. Hospice nurses and doctors are up to date on the latest medications and devices for pain and symptom relief. In addition, physical and occupational therapists can assist your parents to be as mobile and self sufficient as they wish, and they are often joined by specialists schooled in music therapy, art therapy, massage and diet counseling. Also, various counselors, including clergy, are available to assist family members as well as your parents.

Attaining a level of comfort that is acceptable to you and your dying parent is the goal. If your other parent is relatively healthy and part of the caring, your role as a child may be even more important as the primary decision-maker. It may be too difficult for your other parent to handle the caring, the witnessing and the decision-making. You will most likely find yourself having to handle the emotions of your healthy parent amid all the activity. It's important to realize that the success rate of hospice in battling pain is high. Hospice excels in using the best combination of medications, counseling and therapies for making your patients reach a comfort zone.

Having said that, it's also important to note that an additional goal is to have the patient as alert as possible. Finding the balance between pain and comfort, as well as being able to walk and talk, is the ultimate goal for hospice. This usually is accomplished by constant consultation -- of which you'll play a very important part.

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