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Taking Care of Mom and Dad: Finding a Hospice Center

Finding a program that meets your parents' needs may take some research, but it will be time well spent. You must consider the quality of care, availability of needed services, personnel training and expertise and medical services available. Here are several ways to start your search:

  • Local resources. Your physician or hospital discharge planner can help you locate hospices in your area. Hospice care providers also are listed in the Yellow Pages or other phone directory. Your community may have information and referral services available through your American Cancer Society, an Agency on Aging, United Way chapter, Visiting Nurse Association or your place of worship.
  • State level. You may contact your state's departments of health or social services to obtain a list of licensed agencies or contact the state hospice organization. State health departments oversee certification of hospice services. Certification makes them eligible for Medicare and, in some states, Medicaid payments.
  • Internet resources. Information about local hospices serving your area may be available on various Internet sites. You'll have to search the Web (basic search engines should do) for ones near you.
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