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Merritt Personal Lines Manual: Advantages of Traditional Indemnity Insurance

To recount, what are the advantages of traditional indemnity insurance over an HMO?

  • The insured can choose any doctor.
  • The insured can go to virtually any hospital, anywhere in the country.
  • The insured can continue seeing the same doctor the insured always has even if the insured changes jobs or insurance companies.
  • The insured has some assurance that the insured's doctor's medical recommendations are being made in the insured's best interest -- and not the insurance company's.

Even if the insured chooses an indemnity health coverage plan, the insured can't rest assured that everything will be covered. It's important to investigate and learn as much about the types of policies available, the companies offering insurance, the agent and the local company represented, what the policy will or will not pay for and how the insured will be reimbursed for visits, prescriptions, etc.

Be sure to review the insured's policy at least once a year. Today's healthcare system continues to change at a rapid pace and the insured wouldn't want to be making up the difference the insured him or herself in order to meet these changing demands.

Major Medical and Comprehensive Medical Expense Policies

Indemnity health insurance comes in several common variations. The variations are based on specific coverage limitations that change the traditional indemnity policy substantially -- so that it becomes, for all purposes, a different kind of coverage.

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