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Medical Insurance: What is Medical Insurance Administration?

As soon as you make an appointment to see a provider, that's when the world of insurance administration begins.

Someone at the office will be calling your insurance administrator to see if you are eligible for insurance, if the service they expect to give you is a covered benefit, and whether there is money due when you walk through the door.

When you go to the doctor, you hand an ID card to the receptionist. The receptionist makes a copy of the card, and returns it to you.

The receptionist may ask you for some money - a co-pay, a deductible, or coinsurance. Or the receptionist won't ask you for anything.

If you don't know what type of Medical Insurance you have, you may end up paying when you shouldn't have.

The doctor has a slip of paper called a Superbill. The Superbill has codes and descriptions on it that instruct the office staff how to code the claim.

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