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Medical Insurance: What is Medical Insurance Administration? - The Future

The claim is sent to your insurance administrator. The insurance administrator has a system to input the codes from the claim. These codes are transmitted to programs designed to determine if your insurance should pay the claim or not.

A statement of the determination is then sent to your doctor. If the response is to not pay, then you will receive a bill from the doctor.

Here again, if you don't know what type of Medical Insurance you have, you may not know if you really should be the one to pay the doctor.

Medical Insurance is an insurance policy that helps to protect you from extremely high expenses relating to the cost of doctor visits, hospital stays, operations, lab tests, supplies, anything related to preventing or diagnosing and curing medical conditions.

If you could predict the future, and know for certainty that you will only have to go to the doctor once a year, then of course, having insurance may be a waste of your money.

Unfortunately, very few of us can actually predict the future.

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