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Medical Insurance: What is Benefits Administration? - Benefits Administrators

Benefits Administrators are the people who manage the benefits your employer may offer:

  • major medical policies
  • 401K retirement accounts
  • flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  • dental and vision insurance (if not included as part of your medical insurance)
  • short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), life insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Depending on the size of the company, your payroll department may be part of your benefits office, or may be part of the finance office.

The payroll department cannot have your payroll deductions set up properly, if the benefits administrators do not enter your personal information and your benefit selections properly.

Benefits Administrators, and the person or people they report to, are the individuals who should have the most knowledge about how the benefits for this company work.

These are the people who maintain eligibility files that are sent to the insurance administrator.

These files contain all the information about who is covered through an insurance policy.

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