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Medical Insurance: What is Benefits Administration? - Benefits Administrators: Continued

Benefits Administrators are the people who communicate to the payroll department what deductions from your paycheck will be your contribution towards the cost of the insurance policy you have chosen.

These are the people who maintain contact with the companies who own the benefits the employer has chosen to offer the employees.

Benefits Administrators are also the individuals who interact with your insurance administrator if a process is not working as it should.

For instance: this company allows employees to receive routine doctor visits at no cost, yet the claims are processing statements that include expenses to the employee.

If the system has not been properly programmed to allow for free routine office visits, then someone in the benefits department will work with the insurance administrator to correct the system and generate new statements.

If the Benefits Administrator shows that this information was sent to the insurance administrator, then it would be the duty of the insurance administrator to correct their systems, and generate new statements.

Benefits Administrators need to keep files up-to-date. When an employees moves to a new address or increase the family through marriage, birth or adoption, it is important for YOU, the employee, to inform your benefits administrator of these changes as soon as possible. This helps to keep the files accurate, to make sure you get the coverage you need.

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