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Medical Insurance: Scenario 1

You are a 25 year-old male, you have graduated college. You moved into your own apartment, bought a car, you have a new love interest. Things look great. You haven't been to a doctor since you were in high school, you feel healthy; so, you decide not to purchase medical insurance through your employer-sponsored benefits.

One night you and your new friend have unprotected sex. A few months later, you begin to show signs of blood in your urine. You go to a local clinic, and several tests are run to determine what is causing the bleeding. It turns out you have contracted an STD (sexually transmitted disease). You will need to undergo further treatment to prevent this disease from affecting your over-all health, possibly to save your life. But it was only one night. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Now you are faced with the need for ongoing medical care. This presents you with several problems:
You need to pay for the appointments and tests you just had.
You need to buy medication.
You need to make appointments for further tests, to see if the medication is helping.
You still have to pay rent, car payments, other bills.
You may need to take time off from work to go to your appointments - loss of income.
You may have to miss so much time from work that you lose your job.
Do you have enough in savings to pay for all of this?

Now it seems that the $50/month (example only) insurance plan would have been worth signing up for.

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