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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance
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Medical Insurance: H-M


HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - the laws governing who is allowed access to a patient's Personal Health Information (PHI), and sets national standards by which all medical insurance administrators and providers of service must adhere to.

HMO, Health Maintenance Organization - a network of providers contracted with an insurance program to provide services for a specific amount. The individual being treated has a specific payment at the time of service.

HRA, Health Reimbursement Account - an amount an employer will agree to pay on behalf of an employee for covered out-of-pocket expenses.

HSA, Health Savings Account - a savings account that is established for an employee to cover qualified medical expenses. Deposits can be made to this account from various sources: including, but not limited to, employer and employee contributions.

Human Resources - the person or department employers use to hire employees. This person or department should also be versed in what benefits an employer has to offer.


ID Card - a card issued by your insurance administrator to present as evidence of having insurance coverage.

Individual Coverage - a policy designed to cover one person. Also known as self or employee coverage.

Information on the Web - the capability for individuals to set up and maintain their own personal health files with records maintained by the insurance carrier.

INN, In-network - a provider who is a member of a network, also known as PAR.

Insurance Administrators - companies and individuals whose responsibilities are to make the process of insurance coverage work.


Large Employer Groups - more than 50 employees.

Life Insurance - employers may pay for life insurance for employees, or have polices available at reduced rates for employees to purchase.

Limited Disclosure - specific information regarding a course of treatment can be given to an approved entity.

LTD, Long Term Disability - a policy that provides a percentage of an employee's paycheck for a set length of time to assist employees with long-term absence due to medical reasons.


Maintenance Medications - medications needed to be taken on a routine, ongoing basis.

Medical Insurance - insurance coverage for medical treatment.

Medicaid - a government sponsored program to provide medical coverage for low-income households and/or their dependents.

Medical Care - services and treatment received to prevent or reduce symptoms of disease of the body.

Medicare - a government sponsored program of medical coverage for age-eligible individuals, or special conditions for non-age-eligible individuals.

Medigap - a separate government sponsored program to eligible individuals the ability to purchase insurance to cover the difference between what the government pays for medication and the actual purchase price of the medication.

Mental Health/Chemical Dependency/Behavioral Health (MHCD)- employers who offer medical benefits to employees re required by law to also provide coverage for MHCD.

Mom & Pop Employers - business owned and operated by a family, may or may not have the means to provide medical coverage.

Monthly Premium - the monthly amount due to an insurance administrator to pay for a policy.