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Medical Insurance: Glossary of Provider Specialties Continued

NERVOUS SYSTEM - Brain, nerves, mental health issues:

    Neurologist - Diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system
    Neurosurgeon - Specializes in surgery of the nervous system
    Anesthesiologist - A physician who specializes in administering anesthetic agents before and during surgery, or other procedures.
    Anesthetist - A person trained in administering anesthesia, but who is not necessarily a physician.
    Psychiatrist - Holds a Medical Doctor (MD) degree, specializes in diagnosing and treating chemical dependencies, emotional problems, and mental illnesses.
    Psychologist - Has an advance degree other than MD, usually PhD or PsyD. Specializes in evaluating and treating emotional problems and mental illness.
    Therapist - Has a degree in Social Work or Psychology and has licensure to perform individual and/or group therapy. May have a specialty in chemical dependency.

EYES - vision only:

    Optometrist - Holds a Doctor of Optometry degree, specializes in measuring the accuracy of vision to determine whether corrective lenses are needed.

EYES - medical and vision:

    Ophthalmologist - Holds a Medical Doctor (MD) degree, diagnoses and treats disorders of the eyes and vision.

EARS - hearing only:

    Audiologist - Specializes in the measurement of hearing function and in the rehab of persons with hearing impairments.

SKIN - includes skin, nails, hair, and sweat glands:

    Dermatologist - Diagnoses and treats disorders of the skin
    Moh's Surgeon - Specializes in treatment of skin cancer.
    Cosmetic Surgeon/Plastic Surgeon - Specializes in surgical restoration and reconstruction of body structures.

GLANDS - Endocrine System - having to do with hormones and glands (other than sweat glands):

    Endocrinologist - Diagnoses and treats diseases and malfunctions of the glands of internal secretion.


    Gynecologist - Diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system


    Urologist - Diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the male reproductive system


    Obstetrician - Specializes in providing medical care to women during pregnancy, childbirth and immediately thereafter.
    Neonatologist - Diagnoses and treats disorders of newborns
    Pediatrician - Diagnoses, treats, and prevents diseases and disorders of children.
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