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Medical Insurance: Chapter 4 - Glossary: Continued

Human Resources - the person or department employers use to hire employees. This person or department should also be versed in what benefits an employer has to offer.

Large Employer Groups - more than 50 employees.

Life Insurance - employers may pay for life insurance for employees, or have polices available at reduced rates for employees to purchase.

LTD, Long Term Disability - a policy that provides a percentage of an employee's paycheck for a set length of time to assist employees with long-term absence due to medical reasons.

Medical Care - services and treatment received to prevent or reduce symptoms of disease of the body.

Mental Health/Chemical Dependency/Behavioral Health (MHCD)- employers who offer medical benefits to employees re required by law to also provide coverage for MHCD.

Mom & Pop Employers - business owned and operated by a family, may or may not have the means to provide medical coverage.

Monthly Premium - monthly amount due to an insurance administrator to pay for a policy.

Open Enrollment - the time period that an employer designates for employees to review and research benefit options available.

Payroll Deduction - an amount deducted from an employee's paycheck on a predetermined schedule to contribute to the employee's portion of payment required for different benefits.

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