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Kids and Health Care: Kids, Health & Diet Conclusion

Being overweight increases a child's risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems and several kinds of cancer. So, it's good not to be overweight.

Losing weight and lowering your cholesterol will not make you healthy. These things will simply make you less unhealthy. Being lean and in-shape doesn't make you healthy per se, but it makes you healthier as compared to being overweight and lethargic.

Diet is a long-term, gradual protection. Your best bet is to shave at mortality and life-span odds by eating a balanced, low-fat diet -- including lots of mineral-rich fruits and vegetables...and engage in some form of physical activity to increase your heart rate...and pass these good habits on to your children.

Bottom line: It's no mystery that a good diet will improve your chances for living a longer, healthier life. But a good diet is significant largely because it reflects a balanced, generally healthy approach to living. In this way, it's the opposite of fad diets designed to help someone look good by means of drugs or strange eating habits.

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