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Kids and Health Care: Corrective Eye Surgeries

Vision plans may also cover laser eye procedures (commonly called lasik procedures) and other corrective surgeries...but these treatments are sometimes a hot potato, tossed back and forth between vision plans and standard medical insurance plans.

Vision care programs can concentrate on eye exams and glasses because most standard health plans provide coverage for medical care related to eye injury or disease. So, if your child has any kind of serious eye injury or even really bad eyesight, start with your basic health insurance first.

Many eye specialists discourage laser corrective procedures for children. They point out that kids' eyes can change -- literally, their shape can change -- through puberty and other periods of rapid growth. In some cases, bad eyesight can correct itself.

But, in most cases, it doesn't.

Still, managed care plans and CHIPs can be stingy about approving corrective vision procedures for children. They'll sometimes use specific standards for vision problems that effectively mean no corrective procedures unless the child is legally blind.

If your child has really bad eyesight, and you think a lasik procedure or other corrective surgery will solve the problem, his or her school can be a help in justifying the surgery. Get a note from your child's teacher or principal stating that the kid's poor vision is interfering with school work. Even stingy HMOs and CHIPs will usually have some sort of loophole in their eye-treatment coverage that allows for corrective procedures if a problem is "interfering with [the child's] ordinary development" (or some variation on that statement). A letter from the school saying the vision problems are affecting the kid's learning may satisfy that loophole.

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