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The Insurance Buying Guide: Key Questions

1) What is your current monthly earned income? (Refer to the Disability Needs Assessment Worksheet.) _______________

2) What is your current monthly non-earned income? (Again, refer to the Disability Needs Assessment Worksheet.)

3) How much total monthly income do you need to insure? (This figure is the bottom line on the Disability Needs Assessment Worksheet, and it would be equal to your monthly benefit.)

4) Would you like a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day or longer elimination period? (A longer elimination period means a lower premium.) _______________

5) Would you like a one-year, two-year, three-year, five-year or to-age-65 benefit period? (A longer benefit period means a higher premium.) _______________

6) Would you like the Future Increase Option, also known as the Guaranteed Insurability or Guaranteed Purchase Option? Yes No

7) Would you like the cost of living benefit? Yes No

8) Would you like the lifetime benefits option? Yes No

9) Would you like rehabilitation benefits? Yes No 10) Would you like a Social Security Rider? Yes No 11) Would you like an Additional Monthly Benefit Rider?

Yes No 12) Would you like a hospital confinement rider? Yes No 13) Would you like a non-disabling injury rider? Yes No 14) Would you like the waiver of premium option? Yes No 15) Would you like the accidental death or dismemberment rider? Yes No

16) Would you like the presumptive disability option? Yes No

17) Do you have any risky hobbies? Yes No If yes, what are they? _________

18) Do you have any medical problems that might make you a substandard risk? Yes No
If yes, what are they? ___________________________

19) What other disability insurance do you have (e.g., a group policy through work)? ___________________________

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