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Hassle-Free Health Coverage: Enrollment

Your HMO must provide you with evidence of coverage within 60 days of enrollment.

Evidence of coverage is equivalent to a Certificate of Insurance for standard insurance policies.

The evidence of coverage should include your coverages and benefits (including your required co-payments), benefit limits, exclusions, and specified conversion privileges. It should also include:

- the name, address, and telephone number of the HMO;

- the effective date and term of coverage;

- a list of providers and a description of the service area;

- terms and conditions for termination;

- a complaint system;

- a 31-day grace period for premium payment provision;

- a coordination of benefits provision;

- incontestability clause; and

- a provision on eligibility requirements for membership in the HMO.

Other provisions may also be found in the evidence of coverage; but those listed above must be included.

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