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West Virginia Health Insurance
How to find an affordable plan.

The need for affordable health insurance is at an all-time high. With employers cutting back on health benefits and consumers suddenly finding themselves out of a job, finding health insurance has become a chief concern among residents of West Virginia. Thankfully, choosing a health insurance plan in West Virginia no longer has to leave individuals confused and frustrated. There are now resources available such as Health Insurance Online to help inform consumers about the policies and plans offered within the state of West Virginia so that they can make a well balanced decision that is both affordable and tailored to suit their needs.

Leading West Virginia Health Insurance Companies

Aetna of West Virginia: For those in West Virginia looking for comprehensive health and medical insurance at affordable rates in any of the fifty states across the country, one needs to look no further than Aetna.

Assurant of West Virginia: For well over 100 years, Assurant Health has been providing its customers in West Virginia with affordable health insurance plans that offer high value and complete coverage.

Celtic of West Virginia: Celtic Insurance Company provides free health insurance quotes and helpful information on how to choose the best policy for your needs.

Mountain State BlueCross BlueShield of West Virginia: Mountain State BlueCross BlueShield is a health care provider licensed by the nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide excellence in health insurance services to the residents of West Virginia.

Types of Health Insurance

The first thing you need to decide on is what type of policy you prefer. HMOs are usually the cheapest of the standard health insurance types. However, they are also the most inflexible. You must choose a specific doctor and hospital to use within a limited health network. A PPO is very similar to an HMO in that you still have to choose from doctors and hospitals that are included in a company's plan or network but the main difference is that you do not have to select just one, you can change as often as you like so long as the physicians or facilities are a part of the network. You can decide what doctors you see and when you see them. That small but important factor makes PPOs much less rigid, but it also makes them a little more expensive.

The final choice in standard health insurance coverage is a POS plan which stands for point of service and is the type of insurance coverage many people associate with old-fashioned traditional health care plans. The health provider pays a percentage of the costs of any medical bill you encounter and you pay the rest. With a POS plan there are no restricted lists of doctors or hospitals within a network that you have to adhere to. The freedom that this provides also makes the plan one of the most expensive types of health insurance coverage plans you can select.

Selecting Affordable Health Insurance in West Virginia

Before settling on a plan, it is important to read the policies in detail to see what each one covers. Most will cover standard medical care but you should check to see if they will cover existing conditions if you have an illness that is already being treated. Private insurance companies have the right to refuse coverage for certain pre-existing conditions. The state of West Virginia has created a program called AccessWV that helps consumers who have been denied coverage due to pre-existing, severe or chronic medical conditions. Another item to consider is out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co-pays. Although the first reaction may be to choose the plan with the cheapest premium it may not be the best strategy as it might not provide the coverage that you and your family require. The risk of being underinsured may end up costing far more in out-of-pocket expenses if you do not complete the proper research before selecting a health plan.

Health Insurance Exchanges in West Virginia

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West Virginia Medicare Plans

Seniors age 65 and older are eligible for a variety of Medicare plans in Ohio.  Medicare plan options include Medigap and Medicare Advantage policies:

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