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HumanaOne of Rhode Island Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

HumanaOne offers affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families in Rhode Island, which includes students, self-employed entrepreneurs, recent college graduates, early retirees, and those who may be uninsured. HumanaOne offers flexible “build-your-own” health insurance plans for Rhode Island residents that let consumers choose from many of the features usually found only in group health plans, such as negotiated rates, wellness benefits, and special discounts.

HumanaOne offers a variety of Rhode Island health insurance plans. HumanaOne monogram personal health plan lets you select a single annual in-network deductible of $7,500 or a family in-network deductible of $15,000. The HumanaOne Autograph personal health plan lets you customize your deductible for the right balance of cost and coverage. Single in-network deductibles range from $1,500 to $6,000, and family in-network deductibles from $3,000 to $12,000.

HumanaOne offers Rhode Island residents both choice and flexibility to customize your plan due to Humana's health insurance plan variety. You also have the convenience of a one-stop destination for life insurance, dental insurance, and individual health insurance. Between this and a friendly Humana Customer Care Team that helps you make informed healthcare decisions, one can see why so many people choose HumanaOne.

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