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Celtic of Rhode Island Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

For twenty-five years, Celtic has been offering its clients in Rhode Island exceptionally affordable and complete health insurance coverage. Celtic is a leading individual health insurance company that provides high quality, affordable individual health insurance to individuals, families and the self-employed in Rhode Island. Celtic has a focus to cover more of the uninsured, and they strive to give their customers innovative, consumer-oriented products and services that are easy to understand, access and use. Celtic’s mission is to offer affordable health insurance plans to today's individual health insurance consumers in Rhode Island.

Celtic’s plans offer their customers of all ages in Rhode Island essential coverage while giving them control over their health care decisions. They have a wide-range of benefits and options to meet the diverse needs of people in rural, suburban and urban areas. These plans include both basic and comprehensive health insurance plans, as well as health savings accounts, short-term health insurance plans, and student health insurance plans. These health insurance plans can be custom tailored to suit your individual needs, allowing you to create the perfect plan for you or your family.

Celtic offers an array of superior individual health care plans designed for what today’s individuals and families in Rhode Island are looking for in an affordable health care insurance plan. Their customers can select the individual health insurance plan with the benefit level and price point that works best for them. With this level of customization, exceptional customer support and affordable health insurance plans, it’s little wonder why so many people choose Celtic for their health insurance needs.

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