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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers an extensive array of programs for the perfect health insurance plan. They have managed care for Medicaid recipients called "Rite Care" and Medicare supplemental plans for seniors. Their "BlueCHiP" prescription medicine coverage can be applied to all policies including Medicare with their "Plan 65" program. They focus on quality health care from beginning to end and include many preventative care programs, information and guidelines for a healthier life, and help with serious issues such as quitting smoking, weight loss, diabetes control, and others.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island has all of the standard health insurance for your family as well as the ability to choose your own deductible and co-payment to make your monthly payments more affordable. They will help you open a HSA to save for extreme circumstances, and you get the nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield wellness center, life stages information, hospital comparison, Rhode Island Network of Care specifically for Rhode Island residents that includes a database of providers, communication tools, local health and legal news, links to local websites, and community message forums.

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