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How to find an affordable plan.

Are you a resident of Oregon trying to better understand your health insurance options? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Health Insurance Online provides information and resources to help you find the health insurance policy that is right for you at a price you can afford. Those individuals who are living without health coverage are taking a significant risk, not only with their health, but also with their financial stability. Unanticipated health care expenses can develop quickly, and once they do, finding affordable health insurance may become more difficult. Fortunately we can help. Once you have educated yourself, you are ready to start shopping. Simply request a free quote and you will be connected with carriers and agents that will compete for your business. As with any major purchase, it pays to shop around. Before you make a decision, check out each company thoroughly. While it shouldn’t be the only measure you use, word of mouth is often an excellent way to judge how a company performs. If your friends and family are happy with their health insurance you can feel comfortable in choosing one of those companies as your own. If you are denied coverage or are unable to afford a plan that meets the need of you and your family, you may want to explore government options. Information is provided below for several government programs available to residents of Oregon.

Leading Oregon Health Insurance Companies

Assurant of Oregon: For several years, Assurant Health has been providing Oregon residents with affordable health insurance plans that give high value as well as complete coverage.

Kaiser Permanente of Oregon: Kaiser Permanente has been services the needs of its customers by providing top-quality health insurance since the Great Depression.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon: Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon wants to make sure you get the best health insurance that is also affordable and meets all of your individual needs.

Individual Insurance Plan Options

Within the individual insurance market there are 3 primary categories into which insurance plans fall. HMO, PPO, and POS. Each has its own features and benefits. Below are basic explanations of each.

HMOs are typically the cheapest type of insurance. There are a lot of restrictions with HMOs, primarily the requirement that you select a physician and hospital as you primary care givers. Most HMOs require you to get pre-approval for any procedure, which can be time consuming and aggravating. However if you are looking for the cheapest type of health insurance HMOs give you decent value at a lower price than other forms of insurance. They are also excellent at controlling out of pocket expenses on an ongoing basis.

PPOs are somewhat similar to HMOS, but differ in that while you do have to select a doctor or a hospital from a list of participating physicians and facilities, you do not have to choose only one. With some exceptions, you can use any on the list whenever you want. The larger the carrier, the more options you will have in selecting physicians.

POS is what most people consider to be traditional health insurance. You have the freedom to use any physician or hospital and the health insurance pays a percentage of the costs. It is harder to find POS health insurance and many smaller companies to not offer it.

Government Sponsored Health Insurance Programs

Various government sponsored programs are available to residents of Oregon who qualify. Typically these programs are developed to provide basic health services to those who either cannot afford, or do not qualify for, traditional health insurance. The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is the state managed extension of the federal Medicaid program. Oregon also provides residents who are not US citizens, and therefore do not qualify for Medicaid, with Citizen Alien-Waived Emergency Medical Assistance (CAWEM). This coverage is limited to childbirth and emergency services. The Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP) provides assistance with the payment of premiums for private health insurance for those who qualify. The Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) is another state program that allows Oregonians who have been unable to get coverage through private insurers with an option. This program is not based on financial need.

Resources and information

Oregon Medicare Plans

Seniors age 65 and older are eligible for a variety of Medicare plans in Ohio.  Medicare plan options include Medigap and Medicare Advantage policies:

Oregon Doctor Directory

Doctors practicing medicine in the State of Oregon are licensed by the state. Doctors accept different forms of health insurance which you can verify before setting an appointment.

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