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Kaiser Permanente of Ohio Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

For over sixty years, the good people at Kaiser Permanente have been supplying Americans with affordable and complete health insurance coverage that not only gives them the coverage they need if they need it. They also give customers the resources, tools and education to keep them healthy and happy so they hopefully won't need it. Understanding that keeping its customers healthy keeps costs low is part of what motivates Kaiser Permanente to maintain affordable prices on their health insurance plans in order to help everyone save money.

Kaiser Permanente helped found our modern health insurance system in this country, and therefore is intimately familiar with what makes a health insurance company exceptional. This includes a dedication to superior customer service, customer information and education, and exceptional insurance plans offered to individual and families. For individuals, Kaiser Permanente offers several types of plans, including traditional co-payment plans, high-deductible plans with lower monthly rates, and health savings accounts for even more savings.

For seniors, Kaiser Permanente offers several different Medicare plans. While these include such services as preventative screenings, flu shots and health education classes, they also include routine eye and ear exams, complete medical care -- such as office visits and consultations -- as well as emergency services and nationwide care. This means that Kaiser Permanente goes above and beyond traditional Medicare plans for complete coverage.

As you can see, Kaiser Permanente offers several services for individuals, families and seniors in Ohio. While working to preserve the health of Ohio residents through screenings and health education, Kaiser Permanente makes sure that its customers stay healthy as long as they can so they'll only use health insurance when they need it, keeping costs low for everyone.

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