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New Mexico Health Insurance
How to find an affordable plan.

Residents of New Mexico have multiple channels through which they may obtain affordable health insurance coverage. Many individuals are offered coverage through work. These employer sponsored plans often involve cost sharing of the policy premiums between the employer and the employee. New Mexico residents over the age of 65 are eligible for coverage through the federal Medicare program. Medicare coverage can also be supplemented with private insurance. These “Medicare Supplement” plans are insurance policies that cover the “gap” left by Medicare coverage. Programs may also be available based on financial need and other circumstances. For Example, New Mexicans who qualify for Medicaid benefits may be eligible to for the New Mexico Medicaid Program. This program is run by the Medical Assistance Division “MAD” of the Human Services Department. To learn more about this program please call (505) 827-3100 (local Santa Fe number). Those individuals who have been denied coverage and may be considered “uninsurable” may be eligible to participate in “insurance pools” such as the NMMIP (New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool). Individuals who are self-employed, unemployed, or are not enrolled in employer sponsored plans may apply for coverage through private insurers located throughout the state. It is these individuals, who are looking for health insurance on their own, that this section of the site is focused on. Regardless of the channel through which you receive coverage, it is important to get covered. Medical emergencies, even minor ones, can generate costs in the thousands of dollars. While most insurance will not cover one hundred percent of these costs, the right policy will transform a potential financial disaster into a mild to moderate inconvenience.

Leading New Mexico Health Insurance Companies

Assurant of New Mexico: For well over 100 years, Assurant Health has been providing its customers in New Mexico with affordable health insurance plans that offer high value and complete coverage.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico : Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico offers members a full service health insurance provider with the best in managed care and preventative health services.

Celtic of New Mexico: For over twenty-five years now, Celtic has been offering its clients in New Mexico exceptionally affordable and complete health insurance coverage.

Lovelace Health Plan of New Mexico: Lovelace iPlan options are as individual as the people in New Mexico that they serve.

Understanding New Mexico Health Insurance

Our goal at Health Insurance Online is to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed health insurance decisions. This section provides resources and information specific to residents of New Mexico. Armed with this information you will be a position to make decisions that will allow you to purchase the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

“Value” is More Important than Price

All too often individuals who purchase health insurance make decisions based solely on price. The health insurance plan with the lowest price may not provide the overage you need. More important than price is value. Value means providing the benefits you really “need” at a reasonable price. By thoroughly researching your options you will increase the likelihood that you will find the carrier and plan that are right for you and your family.

Resources and information

New Mexico Medicare Plans

Seniors age 65 and older are eligible for a variety of Medicare plans in Ohio.  Medicare plan options include Medigap and Medicare Advantage policies:

New Mexico Doctor Directory

Doctors practicing medicine in the State of New Mexico are licensed by the state. Doctors accept different forms of health insurance which you can verify before setting an appointment.

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