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Humana of North Dakota Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

Humana offers residents of North Dakota options for affordable health insurance and extra provisions for improved health. Their full service website gives you all the information you need to make the best choices in your health care needs. They have plans that offer optimal control, and plans that give you the best value for your health insurance needs. Humana offers North Dakota seniors Medicare supplemental coverage to provide full health care without the gaps that accompany traditional Medicare.

Members receive free inclusion in the "MyHumana" website that lets them track all of their medical records, keep track of office visits and appointments, assess their needs, and learn how to improve their health. Humana provides the best in diagnostic care and preventative care plus the support members need to improve their lifestyles. "HumanaBeginnings" is a special program for mothers-to-be and provides excellent prenatal support. Their "e-plan professor" gives members a massive collection of medical information, news, and health tips, and "PersonalNurse" provides expert advice online. Other services include health videos, and fitness programs offline for the best in health care services.

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