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Clear One of Montana Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

Since 1995, Clear One Health Plans has continuously developed affordable plans to meet the needs of customers, providers, brokers, and consumers in Montana. As the first managed care plan to be owned and operated by physicians and hospitals, the Company continues its dedication to the development of community-based health insurance plans in Montana by utilizing local providers and quality clinical evaluations as a basis for decision-making. Clear One Health Plans Inc. is a local, innovative insurance company that offers health insurance, including individual health insurance plans, Medicare Advantage plans, group plans, and administrative services, to individuals and businesses across Montana.

Clear One Health Plans in Montana has several health insurance plans for you to choose from. Their PPO plans are designed to manage costs and deliver quality care through a preferred network of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. PPO plans provide you with the flexibility to choose your own doctors within their Montana network of contracted providers. POS plans are designed to manage your costs and deliver quality care by utilizing a Primary Care Providers (PCP) to monitor your health care needs. HSA-Qualified plans are PPO plans that work in combination with Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Clear One's HSA-Qualified plans have a nationwide network of providers and are designed to provide comprehensive coverage while allowing you to save money on qualified health expenses on a tax-free basis.

Whether you're looking for an affordable and high quality PPO plan, a POS plan or a plan that uses a health savings account in Montana, you can't go wrong by going with Clear One Health Plans. With their variety of affordable plans, exceptional history of customer service and dedication to their customers in Montana, Clear One Health Plans is an easy choice for those looking for affordable Montana health insurance coverage.

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