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Clear Choice Health Plans of Montana Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

HealthPlans, Inc gives Montana residents a low cost choice for affordable health insurance plans, and services. Choosing health insurance can be confusing but HealthPlans, Inc offers excellent service and communication to guide you in making the right choices for you. Flexible payment plans keep costs down while extra services like programs for wellness including "Spring" a walking program to improve member's fitness levels, and other wellcare programs.

HealthPlans, Inc offers Medicare supplemental insurance for seniors who need to bridge the gaps that state Medicare programs often leave. They have prescription drug coverage for all members and Medicare recipients. For students there are plans available to cover the costs of medical expenses during a time when money is tight. For singles and those who require less routine medical care there are health savings plans to give them a way to save for serious health issues and injuries without the expense of a full-service health insurance plan.

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