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Louisiana Health Insurance
How to find an affordable plan.

There are a number of reasons people suddenly find themselves in the market for medical coverage and looking for affordable health insurance. Loss of a job is a leading issue, but even employed people are finding benefits shrinking and gone completely leaving them and their families in danger. One accident or even a minor illness can cause a financial crisis that could be avoided with an affordable health insurance policy. When researching health insurance in Louisiana look for the most coverage you can afford. By using the provisions possible within an insurance company you can often tailor plans to meet your needs. The first choice you will need to make is between managed care policies such as HMOs and PPOs where you will need to either select a primary physician or choose doctors from a group of participating members, and a traditional POS point of service plan that allows you to choose any doctor regardless of location or participation. Each level has pros and cons that will affect the cost of your policy. Choose a deductible that you will be able to afford but may help lower your insurance premiums. A larger deductible will make your health insurance quotes more reasonable and you can also open a HSA (health savings account) that will provide you with an income tax savings as well as give you a cushion to be able to afford high deductibles.

Leading Louisiana Health Insurance Companies

Aetna of Louisiana: For those looking for comprehensive health and medical insurance at affordable rates in Louisiana, one needs to look no further than Aetna.

Assurant of Louisiana: For several years, Assurant Health has been providing Louisiana residents with affordable health insurance plans that offer them high value and complete coverage.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana: BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana has everything from COBRA for those who have lost jobs and are looking for gap health insurance to RxBlue the prescription medicine program for health insurance.

Humana of Louisiana: Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana offers affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families in Louisiana, which includes those who are self-employed entrepreneurs, students, recent college graduates, and early retirees.

How to Select Health Insurance Coverage

Make sure your quotes for Louisiana health insurance include all of the special needs your family may have such as a need for dental, vision, and prescription costs as well as senior specific needs like Medicare Part B coverage. If you are in a group of individuals considered a high risk for insurance because of severe disabilities or pre-existing medical conditions you may be eligible for state run programs to protect you from the exorbitant costs of health care. Don't discount health insurance quotes from major medical corporations. The cost of premiums from such companies is usually less expensive because of the number of members they have enlisted in their plans. Big national companies are also more likely to have a full list of available options to choose from. Once you have obtained the health insurance quotes you requested and have narrowed down the companies you wish to consider here are a few questions to ask them:

  • What are the limits on hospitalization, medicine, or well-care office visits.
  • Are there maximum lifetime benefits?
  • Do they pay for ambulance, or peripheral care?
  • Do they cover medical expenses when you travel, or are on vacation?
  • Can a higher deductible lower my premium?
  • Is there a co-pay on office visits or emergency care?
  • Don't put off making the important decision of medical insurance coverage. Illness and injuries happen without notice and to anyone, anywhere.

Resources and Information

Louisiana Medicare Plans

Seniors age 65 and older are eligible for a variety of Medicare plans in Ohio.  Medicare plan options include Medigap and Medicare Advantage policies:

Louisiana Doctor Directory

Doctors practicing medicine in the State of Louisiana are licensed by the state. Doctors accept different forms of health insurance which you can verify before setting an appointment.

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