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Kaiser Permanente of Colorado Health Insurance Plans
Coverage for Individuals and Families

Starting around World War II as a way to provide insurance to steel mill workers so they could get the health care coverage they needed, after the war, they opened themselves up to public enrollment, allowing everyone to enjoy the advantages of comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage. In the many years that have followed, many people looking for affordable Colorado health insurance have looked to Kaiser Permanente for their health care coverage.

Kaiser Permanente offers three different types of plans for Colorado residents; copayment plans, deductible plans and health savings account plans with high deductible rates. Kaiser Permanente’s copayment plans are lower-cost plans that offers set, predictable costs for basic health care and doctor visits. Deductible plans are more expensive, but have fully covered doctor visits and prescription drug benefits. Finally, health savings accounts allow customers to put their own money into an account that will be used for future health care spending, which saves money in the log run.

With nearly two dozen plans available in Colorado, Kaiser Permanente offers residents a wide variety of choices for their health insurance options. This is one of many reasons why so many Colorado residents enroll in Kaiser Permanente each year.

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